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How are we hurting each other without meaning to? Build your understanding of how you can help prevent every day microaggressions. Learn how everyone, even unintentionally, exhibits microaggressions. Understand how implicit bias and microaggressions affect individuals and companies. Explore and gain tools to prevent microaggressions in the full hands-on and interactive workshop or take the mini course for a short online presentation.

***All Individual FULL Courses MUST Have At Least 7 People Registered In Order For The Class NOT To Be Dropped. Full Courses are grouped in groups of 6-7 people.***


Mini Course

Online. 2.5 Hour Zoom Session with Q and A included. All Mini Group Courses Include Up To 50 People In The Total Price.


Full Course

In-Person. 20 Hours Total (10, 2-Hour Classes). All Full Group Courses Include Up To 42 People In The Total Price. Microaggression Training Certificate Upon Successful Completion. Course Includes Graded In-Class, Homework, and Group Assignments as well as three Quizzes and one Final Exam.

Requirements Include: Active participation in class dialogues and group activities, Attendance at all classes unless excused by the instructor, and Completion of all homework and classwork.

Microaggression Training

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