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General Information:

This Movement Is Dedicated For The Uplifting And Inspiring Of The African American/Black Race Of America. It Is For All Of Those Whom Are Not Afraid To Stand With Me And Join In The Fight To Save Our African American/Black People From A Nation Who Claims That Majority Of Them Are Dying, Whether Emotionally, Physically, Sexually, Or Spiritually By Drugs, Alcohol, Unemployment, Lust, Violence, Lack Of Education, Abuse, Money, Or By Any Other Means.

Mission Statement:

Looking Forward At The Awesome Characteristics And Features That Make The African American/Black Race So Appealing, Giving Resources To Them As An Option Of Having The Choice To Succeed And Or Fail By Not Letting Society Dictate That Choice For Them, And Encouraging Them To Hold On And Believe That They Do Not Have To Be The Negative Image That Society Tells Them They Are.

Black or African American?

So the term "Black American" is a culture, NOT a color. I understand that not all African Americans were brought over here on the slave ships but Africans in America were stripped of their culture. Africans from West Africa had different identifying hairstyles for different tribes. Slave owners brought them over here on slave ships and shaved their heads in order create one tribe. They were beaten and starved until they broke. They were forced to take on names, characteristics, identities, culture, and duties given to them by their slave masters all while trying to secretly keep the ones they knew before slavery. To further break the bond between Africans and their culture, identity, and control, slave masters raped the women and sometimes even the men, stripped African children away from their families, and murdered and lynched a lot of disobedient Africans. When America tried to send some of the slaves back to Africa after America had ruined them, Africa rejected them. The Africans put into slavery no longer had an identity, culture, or place of belonging. They could only pass down what they could remember and what they didn't remember, they made up as time progressed.
There are a lot of Africans who don't consider us African because we weren't born in Africa and don't carry on their culture. A lot of Americans don't consider us to be American. Black America refers to the culture of Africans in America, during the Post-Slavery Era. I am a Black American but I am also a West African. My African culture is from Pre-Slavery Era and my Black American culture is Post-Slavery era. I am also Blackfoot Indian and Creole Indian. My Black American culture includes ALL of the Inventions, Highs, Lows, Struggles, and Successes following Post-Slavery. Just because a person creates a definition that is negative does not mean that's what it is. Every culture has words that mean different things in different languages. Not ALL Spanish or African (Ga, Yoruba, Swahili, etc) Language words mean the same thing in English. Knowing the culture of Black America is important. Black Americans are one of the only cultures who were stripped and beaten out of their original culture. Even further, the colors Black sucks in all light. I am a dominant species who is wanted by all but hated by a lot. People stay out in the sun to look darker. This is why I I consider myself "Black American".

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